Five Things Friday {December 5}

Oh, hi Friday!

five pins.

one. Chocolate Peppermint Cake Jars

two. Someone, please teach me how to do these big waves on my hair.

three. Words of wisdom.

four. I think that these need to make an appearance in my life asap.

five. This wreath is officially on my Christmas list.

five posts.
one. Cute ideas on how to gift wrap your holiday gifts and not break the bank!
two. DIY clothespin gift tags that I am officially obsessed with (can we sense a theme here?)
three. I wish that I had seen this recipe for Thanksgiving Leftovers before all of ours were eaten!
four. Some great ways to get into the Holiday Spirit (if you’re not already)
five. Great, affordable holiday decor from Target! Some of this stuff is totally okay to stay up all winter, right?

five things making me happy.
one. My new house! While I may have moved at the most inconvenient time ever (three days before Thanksgiving), I love being able to have my own space, cook the foods that I want to eat, and feel like an actual grown up. More on my new home at a later date, but long story short, I’ve got an awesome house, 1 and a half super cool roommates, and the most adorable bedroom ever.
two. I only have TWO more Christmas gifts to order before I’m DONE for the season. I can’t remember the last time that I was done this early, but I’m looking forward to having some time to replenish my bank account before Christmas.
three. My new job. Guys, I love it. It is fast paced, exciting, and FUN. I never thought that I’d have co-workers who were as cool as my previous job, but I was wrong. These guys and gals are insane, and I love (almost) every second of it!

 photo A0A861BD-0C5E-46DB-B382-A1245509FC0B_zpsmb6g2zcg.jpg
four. This little gal that I picked up on Monday. She is probably one of the smushiest cuddle bugs we’ve had in a long time.
five. Virginia Tech beat UVA for the 11th consecutive year last weekend. The stakes in the game were high (both teams were 5-6, so not only were they playing for pride, but also a bowl berth), and the players were definitely on the field with emotions at 110%. It was a great (albeit too close) game, and I’m still excited that the Hokies will go on to play in their 22nd CONSECUTIVE bowl game. That is exciting.

What is going on with you on this beautiful Friday!?

Catching Up {by the numbers}

First of all, Happy December! This is one of my favorite months of the year, and I cannot wait until I actually get into the holiday spirit.

Here is what has been going on since the last time I posted (October 10th!!!!!!!)…

one – job offer that changed my life
two – trips to Chick Fil A that is finally open up north!
three – roommates in my new house
seven – hours spent at Ikea buying new bedroom furniture
eight – pictures that fell off of my wall while I was home for Thanksgiving
thirteen – miles is the length of my new commute
twenty-four – points scored by Virginia Tech against UVA during #rivalryweek
thirty – miles that I moved from home
forty-fiveposts that I’ve started, and haven’t had the time or energy to complete
fiftytweets since October 10th
fifty-three – hours that I’ve worked at my new job
seventy-five – times that I’ve watched this video on vine
one hundred ninety-seven – posts that are currently unread in my Bloglovin‘ feed
one thousand two hundred eighty two – miles that I’ve driven

Clearly a lot has been going on, and I am finally settled into as much of a routine as I can! What has everyone been up to since I’ve been gone!?

Five Things Friday!

five pins






Need this print in my life!


Snickerdoodle Crumbled Donuts!



five posts
one. kate spade’s post on 10 Things to do in October. #bucketlist
two. Sorority Secret’s post on the Things We Love About iOS8.
three. Love all of that tassel garland? Here is a great DIY!
four. I’ve been needing some new inspiration for things to read, and this is a great list of books!
five. Will and Kate coming to NYC!? Say it ain’t so!

five things making me happy

one. This giveaway hosted by April, Darcy, Natasha, and Christina! How amazing would all of these things be in my life? Head on over to any of their blogs to see how you can enter to win all of these amazing things!

two. I have finally found the perfect shampoo & conditioner combo. Bumble and Bumble saved my life once again. My old shampoo was great, but it was dark purple and it was dyeing my cuticles blue #awkward During my last haircut, I was talking with my stylist about how greasy my hair is by the end of the day (heyyyyyy too much info). She told me that shampoos that are sulfate-free do not get all of the product out of your hair, and that causes it to build up and get nasty! It’s the little things in life…

three. I am DYING to see Gone Girl! I have a day off at the end of next week and I plan on taking myself to a matinee! Maybe I’ll make it a double and also see This is Where I Leave You.

four. When we got to the shuttle for the airport on Wednesday, we got to see the tail end of the Blood Moon. It was kind of cloudy, so there was no deep red color, BUT, the eclipse was pretty darn cool.

five. It has been such a blessing to be at the beach with my family. My sanity was being tested, and this little trip was just what I needed to feel refreshed. I have a few days left here in paradise, and I just can’t wait to soak it all in.

Be sure to head on over to one of the beautiful blogs hosting 5 on Friday to share what you’re loving this week!

Hokie Gameday Essentials

One of the things that I miss the most about being in college is football in the fall. There is something so amazing about waking up on a crisp fall morning, decking myself out in maroon and orange, and heading to Lane Stadium with 68,000 of my best friends. After 4+ years of games, I’ve narrowed down my favorite maroon and orange gear!

Hokie Gameday Essentials

Tervis Tumbler. Gotta keep those drinks cold throughout the whole day of tailgating! Tervis are my favorite because they really do keep your drinks cold (or hot!), and they’re pretty durable. I’ve definitely dropped mine in parking lots and they hold up!

Hokie Jersey. Sometimes I like to get dressed up for games, other times, I’m dragging a little and need something more roomy and comfy. This year, I’d love to get my hands on Kendall Fuller’s jersey to sport next year!

Jack Rogers. Gameday Jacks are a staple for any southern girl. I’m a little sad that I didn’t get my hands on these until after I graduated, but, I still get excited to throw these babies on for gamedays where I have to work.

Hairbow. Again, I wish these were more trendy when I was in college. I love them!

Food Basket. Everyone knows that you have to keep your tailgate food HOT. This chevron basket would be perfect for casseroles, mac & cheese, as well as carrying all of the other food essentials. I might even throw on a big orange bow on top!

Baseball Cap. I have sat through my fair share of RAINY games (*cough* Miami 2009 *cough*). I love this style and how simple it is. I can show my school spirit, while also showing pride for one of my favorite states in the USA.

Spirit Scarf. Those late fall games are COLD. I couldn’t find the exact one that I own, but this one would also be a great option!

What are your gameday essentials!?

Currently Obsessed: Travel Essentials

By the time that this posts, I’ll be halfway to Florida. My bags have been packed since Monday, and I have never been more ready for a little break from the real world (although I feel like I always say that whenever I go on vacation). I’ve got a full suitcase and carry-on since I do have a little bit of work to do while I’m away. I plan on taking full advantage of the 3 hour flight each way and get caught up on my reading, and of course the Today Show on JetBlue.

All of the usual suspects are in my bag for this trip!

Currently Obsessed: Travel Essentials

What is typically in your carry-on bag!?

Favorite Etsy Shops

qIt’s no secret that bloggers are obsessed with Etsy. I personally love ordering from these small shops and supporting them rather than the huge online businesses. I think that half of my bedroom came from Etsy, and I’ve certainly used them to decorate almost every accessory I own.

Here are my current 5 favorite Etsy shops!

17th Avenue Designs is where I’ve gone a few times for blog designs. She has premade templates, and also offers custom work. The prices are much more affordable than other sites that I’ve seen. Kate also offers templates for both Blogger and WordPress, so they really have you covered!

I am always buying monogrammed vinyls to stick on everything that doesn’t move. When I settled on an idea for monogrammed cups as favors for our vacation this year, I searched high and low for the perfect looking monograms. The Monogrammed Prep answered the call, and I purchased adorable maroon and orange monograms with little bows on top.

Last winter I was on the hunt for the perfect tutu to wear to the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. I had read rave reviews about Race Junkie, and finally pulled the trigger and ordered my bright pink tutu from them. The quality was fantastic (and by that, I mean it held up through 13.1 miles and then some), and it is still hanging in my closet for the next time that I may need a tutu for any occasion!

Being a #basicblogger, I knew that I needed a set of monogrammed wooden letters for my new bedroom. Most of the custom sites did not have them for under $60, and I just wasn’t willing to spend that kind of money. I found them from League of Letters for under $40. They came unfinished, so I could paint them however I wanted. All I had to do when they came was throw some ribbon on there and eventually I’ll get around to hanging them up in my room.

I ordered a monogrammed tank from Baileywicks a few summers ago, and since then, I must have a stash of 5 or 6 of them. Must be the combination of the comfort colors, and the monogram (and the cheap price) that make them my favorites!!

Where are your favorite Etsy shops!?

Five Things Friday

This is becoming my favorite post of the week. I love the roundup of all of the things that I am loving all week!

five pins




I would take so many naps here.


New York City.


Give me all of the potatoes.


Labs in a boat!

five posts
one. 5 Common Skincare Mistakes that we’re ALL making, and how to fix them!
two. What the Lilly Pulitzer Team Wears to Work. These are my colleagues, guys! So cool!
three. Five Healthy Pumpkin Recipes. YUM.
four. Some great Beauty Buys for fall!
five. These tips might be “for upcoming brides,” but I think these tips to get fit for your wedding apply to all of us, year round.

five things making me happy
one. I’m already through the first season of Friday Nigh Lights. What I need to know is there any way to download the season (for free, of course) so that I can watch it for the three hours I’ve got on the plane next week? I don’t know what I’m going to do for a week without Coach Taylor & the kids. #allthefootball

two. Has anyone seen the new Tory Burch watch collection yet? They are GORGEOUS. I’m lusting over all of the “Reva” watches. Unfortunately, my wallet is not saying the same thing.

three. In five days all of my cousins who have not been together since ’08 will be in one place. We have all come a LONG way since this. There are new babies, new jobs, new homes. I just cannot wait to spend time with all of them!!!

four. Is anyone else SO excited for Gone Girl to come out today? Did y’all see the controversy about Ben Affleck and his nude scene? I am so happy that I read the book, after reading the book, I know that I would be an emotional wreck throughout the movie. Now I just need to find someone to go see it with me!

five. I just finished reading The Husband’s Secret. It was phenomenal! I am now taking suggestions on what to read next! After finishing this book, I’m already at book 21 of my 26 goal for the year!

Linking up here today;

Annual Fall Weekend

Every year, Josie and I try to plan a weekend to celebrate our favorite season of the year. We go apple picking (okay, maybe sometimes we just go buy apples), bake fall goodies, watch Hokie Football, and enjoy each other’s company. It is one of my favorite weekends of the year, and this one certainly did not disappoint.

Friday night we layed low and stuffed ourselves with tacos and cupcakes. It was the perfect low-key night that I needed to get the weekend off to the perfect start.

 photo 89FFB97A-E0C9-43CF-9683-F2CBDE1E9CD7_zpsmhoxvepc.jpg

We knew that we had an early game on Saturday, so we got up early to run all of our errands. We had a busy day of crafting, cooking, and football, and most definitely needed a head start on it all. We grabbed coffee, and headed to Michael’s, Walmart, and the Dollar Store (that experience alone deserves it’s own post). Once we got home, and settled in, we did major work.

 photo 1D59EB40-D879-48E2-8C3E-91020D1E514B_zpsak59pubg.jpg

These mugs will be what every single family member and friend will be receiving for the foreseeable future. They were SO easy to make, and can be filled with baked goods and personalized for every person in your life. I found a tutorial here, and they were great!

 photo 9E274F30-668C-4C89-B1AA-DE316E7D9FBF_zpsq2g62i8j.jpg

I saw this tutorial on the DIY Playbook a few weeks ago, and I am pleased to say that it was one of the most cathartic activities ever. We modified it a little bit (gold thumb tacks that were hard to find on short notice), but I am so happy with the results.

We also made this, but I neglected to take a picture of it. My bad.

After a successful afternoon of crafting, and more importantly, a HOKIE WIN (YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!), we began cooking. I had rounded up some “tailgate” recipes that looked appealing and I had always wanted to try. These included Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots (THE BOMB.COM — seriously, do yourself a favor and go make these RIGHT THIS SECOND), Roasted Garlic Asiago Dip, and Buffalo Chicken Nachos.

Here is a preview of the bacon wrapped tots. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about them.
 photo 32252C96-A929-4E39-BA52-9A89B467FD60_zpsfpn6au6r.jpg
Okay, now go make them.

Saturday night we headed to my neighbor’s for a bonfire and some heavy drinking. We may or may not have adhesive stache’s that we sported while we drank margaritas. Insert sombrero here.
 photo FC36E067-28A0-46AE-B901-6B227B77A2D5_zpswyy5p2h1.jpg

We ate, drank, and laughed our butts off all night.

 photo 51213993-607E-4C74-91A2-206E6DE59225_zpse7ivavq1.jpg

 photo 62C2EEC6-1911-4420-9225-0EB39B7FB573_zpsutfr0odr.jpg

And this one might be my favorite from the whole weekend. It was just such a great night.

 photo 2E4C24F8-713D-4029-8746-9DA9E2D7B961_zpsfm7z155p.jpg

We had big plans to go apple picking on Sunday, but ended up too tired/hungover to head to the orchard, and instead went to the store to buy some apples so we could make some delicious bake goods. Again, I don’t have pictures of the baked goods (aaaaaaaaaand they might all be gone anyway), but both the Apple Pie Cheesecake Bites and the Apple Cinnamon Blondies were ah-mazing. I highly recommend both!

Overall, it was definitely a successful fall weekend. I am already excited for a fun winter-Christmas weekend after Thanksgiving!

Currently Obsessed: #Resort365 Part 3

The last delivery of “fall” arrived last week, and there are SO many things that I am lusting over. A few of these have already made their way into my closet, and I can’t wait to get the rest of them on my Christmas list!

Currently Obsessed: #resort365 part 3

What are you loving from the newest fall line!?

Fall Must Haves

Fall is by far my favorite season of them all. I’m not sure if it’s the constant pumpkin flavored everything, the cozy sweaters, the chill in the air that requires the lightest jacket, or the way that the leaves change, but I just love it. As much as I love wearing shorts and a t-shirt all summer, there is something so great about riding boots, and skinny jeans. With the temperatures finally cooling off, here are my picks for fall must haves!

Fall Must Haves

What are your go-to items for fall!?